Introducing itsMEjenni

I would like to start my blog off my introducing myself. My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jenni. I have been married since 1997 to my high school sweetheart (well one of them). I have a daughter in college and a son in Junior High. My husband and kids are the center of my life. I am not working outside the home, so my focus is on family. I love to travel. I tend to travel within Florida because it’s financially feasible, but occasionally I get to go further when my husband goes on business trips. Oh, how I love those trips. I plan to write about each and every one. The Florida trips are always day trips with my kids and mother. I have several planned for the first quarter of 2013, so I have a lot to talk about. I also love taking pictures. I have a camera I love (Canon EOS 7D), and photography is a fun hobby of mine. Sometimes I play World of Warcraft (I am on the Frostwolf Server), but not so much lately. I kind of got bored with it. I love watching action and sci-fi movies, and I have a list of TV shows I follow. I tend to record TV on my DVR and watch them when I can’t sleep and everyone else can. I will post a blog about TV shows and movies later.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for at least six months now. I feel I always have something to say and no one to say it to. My goal is to include my thoughts on marriage, children, travel, shopping, and anything else that comes to mind. I would also like to include pictures I take while out and about. I feel that writing my thoughts is not only therapeutic but also fun. I spent most of my younger days just going with what other people told me to think about things, but as I have gotten older I have found that I have an opinion on almost everything. My opinion matters, I need to say that to myself, “MY opinion matters!” It feels good. I am leaving comments open, but I have a few rules for them. If it’s hateful, it will be deleted. If its criticism, as long as it is not hateful, that is fine with me, because to me, your opinion matters too. And of course, I always welcome positive comments, I mean, who wouldn’t.  I look forward to sharing and getting to know you too. Hey, maybe my writing skills will improve in the process, that’s always a good thing.

Well, welcome to my blog, and get ready to get to know itsMEjenni.